They say don’t call it a dream, call it a plan! After all travelling is what lets you to escape from the dilemmas, stress and boring routine schedules to a place where you want to have peace. Travelling is an integral part of most of our lives. Some travel to explore, some travel to have fun and some do it out of fantasy to travel utmost places they can.

Are you a tourism company looking to reach wider audience? Do you wish attract audience through dynamic audio-visual content? Looking forward to more customer engagement? Want to know how to increase your bookings? You are at the right place!

The question is why Instagram? It is because it is a new-age social network that adopts upcoming trends. Instagram being the most used social networking platform these days, it has kick ass user engagement and is the most profitable platform to expand your business digitally. The latest stats show that Instagram boasts over 700 million active users. That is something convincing I believe.

market your travel business on instagram

Influential tool to reach 20th century audience

Young bees travel choices are totally influenced by social media. Instagram open opportunities to share routine posts- visuals and videos to the world. It also gives latest updates on travel options like where to go, how to go, great sight-seeing places, hotels and weather conditions too.

Business through convincing visuals

Images as we know are the most powerful tool to draw the audience’s attraction. The powerful images lets your audience to stop and think about the picture. While scrolling we often stop at the pictures that are appealing enough or are rich in information.

Here are the few considerable techniques of effective tourism promotion via Instagram:

  • have a catchy Instagram bio-

The first impression of your business is your bio. Instagram bios shouldn’t be overlooked. Rather consider writing your effective bio as a priority to attract customers.

  • Start your bio with with an eye-catch phrase or slogan that defines you and your business.
  • Secondly, direct your customer to your website by providing website links or another important link.
  • Create realistic content

Once you have developed your bio, next is creating genuine and creative content to advertise your travel business. Followers usually stay to the profiles which have well-curated content, are consistent and offer content with unique taste & variety. But make sure your content is original and not plagiarized.

Content that draws highest number of engagement are:

  • Quotes and slogans that define you andthe travel place you are promoting.
  • a creative slide of visuals (and short videos may be)
  • audio-video content
  • organizing contest for the users and distributing rewards
  • Regrames of user-generated content (user-generated content is created by someone else who then tags you in their photos or captions, or check-in your spot, etc.)
  • Use apt hashtags

The specialty of Instagram that lets it stand out is the HASHTAGS. Hashtags are used to specifically categorize the content and set it in a relevant bucket of all the 95 million posts happening daily on Instagram. This way users are able to efficiently locate the content they interest.

You can use hashtags in two ways. One, you can create hashtag for your own business that you will use in all your posts. Using it all the time would memorize the hashtag to your customers. Second, using the most popular hashtags that are relevant to your business.

  • Optimize your Instagram posts

Utilize your Instagram business profile to the fullest by strategically approaching your target audience with your descriptions, hashtags, eats. Create contests, promotion and events to have an interactivity with the audience.

Create unique contests to enhance user engagement and aware them about the latest discounts you are offering. Give rewards to winners. Or post any event that you are conducting with relevant hashtags.

  • Do not forget to add a location
Adding location to your posts is effective because it helps you drive discovery easily when someone is locating you and your business. Your business must have a specific business location that will located in geotats. Again this works best for conversion rates.

Knowing all the advantages of promoting a travel business via Instagram will boost your conversions. Who does not wants a tremendous number of bookings and user engagement? Start your promotion in Instaagram today!


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