My favorite escape place? Yes, that is under the shower, when the water touches my skin and soothes every cell of my body.

The last time I came up witha brilliantly creative idea it was under the shower. Ever since then it became my favorite place to run from the hustle-bustle of life, to have some ME time and let my mind explore in all directions.

Have you ever wondered why your innovation and creative gets a spark in the blue (during 2:00am or in the Shower, for example)? Coming up with something creative may seemto be a vague activity to a lot of people, but is actually a diverse process and has lot of science behind it. Few prominent scientific key factors involved in the process are:

  • There is chemical called Dopamine in our body which is responsible for functions like memory, sleep, mood, behavior, etc. It is a neurotransmitter that sends messages between the brain and different nerve cells. This chemical element gets triggered by various activities like exercising, listening to music and of course taking a warm shower. The increase in dopamine flow imitates the creativity in our brain.
  • Being in a relaxed state of mind is essential to think out of the box. And getting a shower helps you to relieve stress & tension and helps in being relaxed. We often notice that being drunk (not too much though) and being sleepy are great to get yourcreativemind boggling (like I mentioned 2:00am thoughts).
  • For me taking a shower is to elope from the various distractions of the world. And science says that distraction gives our brain a break so that our subconscious mind can work on a problem more creatively.

So those aaha! moments under the shower actually refresh our thoughts. Now the task is to select the perfect shampoo which is rich in ideas and imagination. This creates a perfect condition for an invite flash, coaxing out your inner genius. Moreover it makes you clean too.

The parallel conclusion reflects that since these kind of routineactives are monotonous enough and do not require much attention, it flips you to autopilot. Getting indulged in such kind of activities gets your unconsciousmind working on something else productive. You feel your mind is wandering, leaving your brain to play a free game of word associations. This kind of daydreaming is mandatory for a creative person to enhance his quality of thoughts.

Like Albert Einstein rightly said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.


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