The Internet is not just one thing, it’s a collection of things – of numerous communications networks that all speak the same digital language.” – Jim Clark

This statement , quite interestingly, explains the growth of mankind and with it, the growth on the communications network. As a result, being digitally connected has become a prerequisite.

Be it a flourishing business with an age old legacy like the Tata Group or a new startup business, everyone has to be digitally present these days to survive, outreach and maximize their profits. And this is the very reason, why companies are spending extensively on the digital arena, now a days.   

As marketing consultants, the onus is on us, to plan, strategize, execute and deliver the results. A co-working business is a thriving industry in India. With the boom of IT sector in India, and the need to freelance and setup small startup companies, especially tech companies; co-working a concept introduced by the West, has become quite prevalent in India. Initially, restricted to only the metropolitan cities, this culture has gradually shifted to tier 2 cities also.

Here is a list of few, from the many digital marketing strategies that can be considered by the co-working businesses to promote as well as establish themselves:

  • Option for “live chats” on the website

The option for live chats on the website is quite feasible, since the target audience are the working individuals, who are always short of time.

Live chat, is an optional pop up block, which is positioned at the bottom of the web page that prompts the user to have an online chat with a company’s representative.

Astonishingly, about 35% of visitors have used this option while visiting the websites. Moreover it doesn’t feel spam and one can customize it according to their needs. For instance, the option can sit at the bottom of the page with a heading “chat now” or it can also pop up after 30 seconds of page viewing.

Since, a large number of people prefer not to speak or wait for a reply to an email and expect an instant replay there and then; live chats are an interesting tool to include on your website.

  • Build an online relationship

Being digitally active is a basic requirement for any business. However, to establish yourself in the market, one also needs to be digitally present as a professional on almost all platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Circles. Build  a relationship by being connected with the relevant community. Congratulate them for achieving success, wish greetings on occasions, etc.

  • Google AdWords display network

This is one of the most effective tool of digital marketing. This is done by creating an audience list in your AdWord account. Eventually this account generates lists of visitors who have viewed your co-working website in the last 30 days. As the next step, we craft a display ad that will pop up on those user’s screens multiple times, which are part of the target audience list. Once the target audience list is populated with maximum traffic such as thousand or more users you can re-market your display ad to them across the Google Display Network. This network constitutes of a large number of popular websites that have agreed to allow Google to post display ads on them.

Moreover one can even create their own audience for display re-marketing by uploading at least 500 of their own permission based email addresses to Google AdWords.

  • Never lose your customers

A great business man should forever stay connected with the past members. It is likely to happen that when your members will leave you, they will serve you being the best marketers and social media ambassadors. So if someone leaves your Co-working center, try your best to retain them as an alumni who will refer your co-working space to others and will also use external facilities such as meeting rooms and event spaces. Because like they say, the best form of advertising is through, word of mouth.

  • Always stay focused on one or two social media platforms only.

We are often diverted towards all the social media networks for marketing and ultimately end up being jack of all trades and master of none. Thus, as a consultant, we advise you to pick any one or two of the media platforms and focus all your attention on being actively present on those two. Though, it is advisable to be digitally present on almost everywhere for being projected as approachable, yet focus on just a few. According to recent studies, Instagram has proven quite effective for the co-working spaces. But never forget that that Facebook and Twitter are also the most popular social media platforms.

  • Email marketing

Being a co-working space operator everyone has a unique and trustworthy email connection with their members. Email marketing can maintain this connection by highlighting new products, events and special offers wish list providing high value content.

  • Facebook Paid Promotion

Marketing with twitter ads, Pinterest and Instagram ads is fruitful. But one platform that has been proven to be most successful in generating traffic via ads is Facebook. Facebook being the most populated social media platform works very best for promoting co-working spaces.

Facebook allows very specific audience targeting through paid promotions. A well-crafted Facebook ad campaign can drive the maximum traffic by generating likes, shares and diverting the traffic to your website.

A co-working business has enough space to explore, expand, connect and collaborate with people. If the idea of your business is rightly projected, it will give your business the exact boost to grow. And a niche product, speaks for itself!

Someone once quoted well, “If a product does not maintain differentiation and can’t graduate to a brand, then it remains a mere commodity and competes only on the basis of price.”


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